We call for scientific papers from the prospective participants who have interests to share their knowledge, research results, and policy recommendations regarding the theme of this event. All papers will be screened for publishing in international reputable journal and/or proceedings. We will divide all submitted paper into the following sub-themes:

  1. Land use, land suitability, and risk mappings – the relationship with agricultural sustainability
  2. Soil, water, and crop management and the socio-economic dimensions
  3. Adaptation and mitigation to climate change
  4. Soil quality assessment: morphological, physical, biological, chemical and geological aspects to support agricultural sustainability
  5. Digital and precision agriculture

All presentations will be virtual oral. For those with extreme time difference with Indonesia, recording of presentation will be made possible. The guidance of the abstract, full papers, and presentation will be distributed in the second circular. Registration for all participants is free. “However, a publishing cost of 1,000,000 IDR or 75 USD will be charged to each paper and paid in the full paper submission, no later than 1 September 2020”. Method and amount of payment will be informed in the second circular.